Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wordless Emotion

Sometimes I ramble,
Like a baby I babble.

Sometimes I make sense,
Sometimes everything is blurry,
My emotions raging, in a hurry.

Sometimes I just lie flat on my back,       

Wondering what to wonder about..?

Sometimes I ponder
Over everything worth pondering on,
For nights, leaving the switch on..

Sometimes I stay silent,
For days and weeks to come.

There are countless.emotions but not a single word escapes my mouth.

Sometimes I'm.a bag full.of emotions,
Sometimes just a few,may be one,

Yet I say nothing,

I like to be a wordless emotion.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The power of suppression

A few days ago,I was talking to one of my friends, who was quite irritated.I asked him about the cause of his irritation and he said, that things with his wife were not going well.

They were experiencing a sort of a communication break down, where the only things they were uttering to each other were-'kuch nahin' and 'chhodo'.

He said that every time they would say something to each other, one of them would flare up and the conversation would go on a world tour!

But isn't this normal? Happens with all of us at some point or the other.

And it's not just with conversations,but emotions in general.

We all have certain emotions that seek instinctual expression, at a given moment in time.And this is more so with emotions like anger,frustration,irritation etc.The power that these emotions have, is immense.

There is an immediate relief when they are expressed as instinctively as they arise. But with that relief,there are certain consequences attached as well.

Getting angry at a loved one and saying things that we might end up regretting later,is pretty common. 

And because we don't know what else to do to avoid such situations,we resort to 'chhodo','let it be','rehne do'.

In effect,we suppress our instinctive emotions.

So does that really work?

Actually no.

It's just a temporary escape from the situation and it keeps building up inside. Eventually,there comes a point,where we burst out.

The 'break down' point.

You tried avoiding screaming,shouting,crying,or saying the correct but hurtful thing for sometime and threw up everything at once!

Yep,things do get messy and that's the true power of suppression.You cannot hold everything in permanently.Every thought,emotion,desire constantly seeks expression.We may delay the expression for a while,but cannot completely negate it's existence.

But the true problem arises because we don't know how to express our instincts.When we are angry,we try to 'control' the anger.The more you resist,the more it persists and that's why, more problems arise after an uncontrolled outburst.

You try to hold on to your tears and there comes a point,when your emotional tank begins to overflow and you find yourself crying for almost everything or nothing.

You keep ignoring the irritating or annoying  habits or actions of someone.You don't want to hurt them or be rude.

But after a point,you end up doing the only thing that you were trying to avoid.

What's the solution then?

The solution lies in being aware of how you are currently expressing your emotions and finding an appropriate way of expressing them. 

For instance,it took me a long time to understand that when I'm angry,I need to vent out.

Initially,I would utter a lot of rubbish to anyone who crossed my path during my angry phase.Once I realized what I was doing,I went into 'I will not talk when I'm angry' phase.

The result was,that I used to hang around the house sulking and uttering mono syllables.The constant worry of those around me,began to fuel my irritation even more.

So,I had more reasons to be mad at everyone!

After I grew up a little and became 'mature',I realized that there was an easy way out.

Whenever i found myself in a foul mood,I would just tell people that 'I'm in a bad mood,please leave me alone for a while'.

Once I found myself  to be a little calm (I would listen to music,doodle on books,write my feelings down etc),I would then address the pressing issue.

Gradually things and people around me settled down.

The period between experiencing the emotion and the consequences of expressing the same,is the one that needs to be worked upon.

Before we resort to screaming,shouting or simply walking away and harboring the emotion within,we need to take a break.

The reason why I started telling people to leave me alone was,to be able to figure out the best way to put my point forward in an appropriate way.

Activities like listening to music,writing,doodling or sometimes talking to my close friends,helped me calm down and think about the issue rationally.

Once my mental balance was back,I was able to talk and bring up my concerns in an acceptable manner.

That's why phrases like 'let it be','rehne do','chhod do','jane do' are pretty useless.They lead us to the path of suppression.A path that is so powerful,it can blow up everything because we end up doing too much of it.

It would be so much better if, along with these phrases,we actually make an effort, to use that interim period in looking for an appropriate way to express our deepest concerns,emotions and thoughts.

After all,ignorance may not always be bliss :p

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Minding the mind

Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night..palpitating,sweating,wondering what just happened...
She worries a lot about everything,gets stressed at the drop of a hat.People say she takes things too seriously and that she should learn to relax.She tries, but fails to understand, how this whole relaxation actually works.

She feels she's about to  go mad..can this worrying ever stop?

Their child has nightmares every night.He's scared to sleep alone.He's 14-not a child anymore.Yet,not big enough to understand what's happening.At school he finds himself getting into fights and arguments unintentionally.He feels lonely because he has no friends.He tries to tell his parents but they blame him.Is there actually something wrong with him?Is he a bad boy?

She cries herself to sleep on most days.Sometimes she finds herself so overwhelmed with her thoughts and emotions ,that tears start flowing even during the day..she's lost and gloomy...

Are these people mad?

Some of us can handle our thoughts and emotions better than others.Some can't.So, is that a crime?

All of us have a twisted state of mind..and emotions are exhibited strongly by others, than the rest of us.We all go through so much in our lives, that bogs us down at some point or the other.

We can feel whatever we want.Yet,we can't talk about it..why?

The one thing that keeps us going..alive and kicking,is not allowed complete expression.The mind-the software that keeps the body's machinery going, is supposed to be tucked inside somewhere in our head, and not allowed even a whimper.

There is stigma,there is taboo,there are labels attached to anything related to the mind..Why?

Being depressed,anxious,stressed,compulsive,lonely,aggressive etc is not a disease.It's a state of mind and states are transitional.We keep shifting from one mental state to another, right from the time we open our eyes early in the morning.

And yes,sometimes we get stuck on one state..because at that time,that state serves a purpose.

If I'm depressed then clearly something in my life is causing that depression.Watching comedy movies,going out with friends is not a's just a distraction.Seeking help is a solution.

If i'm anxious and stressed,then yes,there are things which are not in my comfort zone.And I am unable to move past them,to make that transition from a worried to a relaxed state.I know I should relax,but I can't.So what should I do?

Some people are blessed with a mind that needs to be programmed and used differently.No matter what names we give to them-autistic,dyslexic,mentally challenged,obsessive,compulsive,schizophrenic etc; the fact is,that they are human.

They are just not the same as the rest of us.And that's fine!No two people are the same any way.But it's just human to attach a name,a label to anything that is not 'regular' or 'like us'.

And that doesn't help.

What helps,is actually going out there and helping the ones who genuinely need it.We are all struggling in our day to day lives.Some struggle more,some struggle less. And at any time,it's all right  to reach out and ask for support,encouragement,guidance or at times,just a listening ear.

Physical health cannot flourish without a balanced state of mind.And we are all embroiled in a quest to find our own balance.

Mental health is more important that physical health because it is the mind that ultimately drives the body.What's the point of a car without a steering wheel?

It's high time that we all decided to take ourselves, a little more seriously and break out of these limiting notions about mental health,mental illnesses and psychological and psychiatric help available at our disposal.

It's only human to experience a particular state of mind.It's human to behave a little out of order,because not everything in life can be planned or controlled.

Asking people to 'relax','take it easy','ignore' is not always a solution.If they could do it,they would have done it.

The fact that they can't means,that there is a deeper issue that needs to be unearthed and resolved.Therefore,encouraging people to reach out to counselors and psychologists is actually a good idea.

It's actually amusing to see how everyone turns into a counselor for those who are distressed.But,we don't take the profession itself seriously.

As I blog on this issue,I can only hope and wish that those who are distressed,are able to realize that there is help available and are encouraged and supported by their friends and family to take that help.

I hope and wish,that more and more people begin to show sensitivity towards their own and others' state of mind.
Because it's not that we are not aware of the concept of mental illness,counseling,psychology etc., but it's convenient to be rooted in redundant beliefs.

It is the breaking out that requires effort.

I hope and wish that more of us are able to break out.

Monday, 14 September 2015

This World

This world that I seek
Is a candid reflection of who I am
And who I want to be..

It becomes my sky when I want to fly high,
It becomes my sea when I want to swim,
Sometimes it fights with me when I am confused,
It responds to my each fancy,my every whim.

This world that I seek,
Knows only chaos,
And is a little absurd,
And I keep looking for a little order
In this world so absurd..

I know nothing about what I seek,
Yet I know I am in a quest..
A quest to find my world,
That speaks to me in my language,
And dances to my songs,

A world that embraces me,
Just as I embrace it,
A world that can walk hand in hand with me,
Because it knows,
I will not race it.

Does a world so absurd
Ever exist?
Or is it my mere imagination?

I don't know what kind of world it is
That I seek so blindly,
All I know is,

That the world that I seek
Is a candid reflection of who I am
And who I want to be...

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Inspiring Imperfection

I have tried a lot to be like everyone else that I meet,that I know.Sometimes I used to dress like them.Sometimes I used to try and look like them. I would often criticize myself for being too much of something or too less.

I'd say I was lost.

But the good part about being lost is,that you can go anywhere you want,until you find your perfect stop.

I am still lost.I still haven't found my perfect stop.But I have discovered myself in so many ways..

And all my discoveries made me realize how perfectly imperfect we all are.And we are all embroiled in this quest to hide those... To look our best,to behave in the most acceptable way possible,to do things that people would take notice of.

And I realized that these imperfections actually make us so different and unique. 

My imperfections make me so unique.

I don't look like most other people I know..because I wasn't born that way!I look like myself and that's fine!I don't dress like a lot of them..but I love how I dress. 

I am a nomad in a lot of ways.. I travel to wherever my heart takes me. I see things,I observe,I have my own thoughts and ways of working..and I enjoy that.

A while ago,I wanted to dance like other people,write like how they write,do the things they were doing...But not anymore.

I am imperfect and my imperfections inspire me each day to hone myself a little more.

I take life as it comes,do the best that I can each day.

Some days,I just want to sit out and soak-in the warm sun. Sometimes,I want to waltz under the moonlight.

Sometimes I have an unquenchable thirst for learning,wanting,believing and sometimes I am calm as a peace with all the things that I don't know,don't want,don't believe in.

Sometimes I want to be alone..sometimes I want to lose myself in the crowd.Sometimes I find others amusing and sometimes I am amused at myself!

I am a little bit of everything. Yet,I am nothing.

And when I accept that I am nothing, I can be anything.

I am imperfect in perfect ways and it's inspiring.

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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Broken no more

I woke up feeling heavy, groggy and uneasy.And I knew,this meant, that it's time for me to write.

I am not a writer per se, but I am in a way.I write only for myself.

My mind races..races like a the thoughts are in a Derby race of their own and the one that wins,is the one that comes out on paper.

Usually my thoughts are absurd,random,confusing, metaphorical... That's why they make sense.But it's a long process before the sense part actually comes in.

A process that me and my partners in crime(pencil and paper), explore for hours and hours or sometimes days together.

So just like my usual Derby days, I set out to let my winning thought take it's shape through words.

Those words that I love to scribble onto my favorite diary with my favorite pencil.

Every time I sit down to write, I spend a few seconds feeling happy about my diary..the fragrance of paper,the smoothness of the sheets and the symmetrical lines...I love it!

And then a few more seconds are gone, in looking at my favorite pencil...a blue colored pencil..smooth as ever..just broken..

Just like me...

It was a gift from someone I loved..loved too much.That someone, knew how much I loved to write..and that too with pencils.Someone with whom I had spent my evenings just doodling on paper...scribbling our names..drawing our dream caricatures..
Someone..who broke my pencil in a fit of rage...and my heart..

We were in our favorite coffee shop that evening when we fought. When an innocent question,a casual discussion went out of hand.I don't even remember what happened.. Why did it happen.. All I know and remember is that he broke my pencil and my heart. 

And now,I roam around with a broken pencil in my hand and a broken heart within.

And I write..write all my broken and scattered thoughts in my diary..

I started writing..but I couldn't. It was too distracting.My mind wasn't comfortable. It kept going back to that day.. that coffee shop..and I had this urge to go there.My instincts,kicking me from within to just go.

I decided to finish up my pending work and head to my once favorite coffee shop "Yours truly".
It was evening by the time I finished work.I packed up my diary and pencil and left.

Even though, the travel to the coffee shop was just about half an hour,it felt like an eternity.
I was restless..I don't know why.

I parked my car and walked up to the cafe. It had been nearly a year since I had even seen this place.

As I stepped in,I was engulfed by the fragrance of coffee,the familiar graffiti on the walls, the music and my favorite seat.

It was automatic. I just had to walk up to it,sit,order my coffee and start my scribbling. 

After a while,my coffee came. But I hadn't scribbled.. I was blank. It was strange.

I had all these thoughts and now I just couldn't write!

I decided to leave. As I was packing up,I heard a familiar voice from behind me.

My heart raced. 

Could it be possible?

I turned around to see who was sounding so familiar. It was him.

Our eyes locked.The world around buzzed out.The Derby race in my head started again.
And then he smiled.I was puzzled. He reached into his pocket and took out something.
The other half of my favorite broken pencil.

I smiled at him..a relieved smile..extended my hand and he placed the other half of my pencil on it.

I enclosed it my palm.It felt wonderful.

And then she walked up to him.He turned away from me instantly. 

I smiled to myself.

After all,I was broken no more.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Dear me,I appreciate you!

How many times has it happened,that you do something and wait for someone to appreciate you? Wait for the little pat on the back or a "good job!"or "nice!"?

Appreciation is a very powerful tool in the hands of people, for whom we are trying to do things.

The kind of appreciation, the amount and the way it comes to us,serves as a very important benchmark that directs all our future efforts.

Picture this-a child makes a birthday card for his parent and gives it to him/her,expecting words of love and appreciation like " thank you",'"this is so nice "," I'm so happy" and instead gets a reply like "it's nice but you should make it better next time".

What happens to the poor child? His mind automatically thinks " Papa/Mummy didn't like it..It wasn't so nice.." And it demoralizes him/her.

So the next time,the child may end up doing better and may also begin to hold this 'better' a bit too tightly or the child may stop trying to do 'better'.

But is there anything wrong in letting someone know that they can or need to improve?
There isn't. However, there is a way and time to convey such information.

May be next time,the parent can actually start by telling the child how much they appreciate the effort, how good their child has made them feel and then gently slide in any suggestion that they want to convey.

And not only with children,it happens with each one of us, at some point or the other where we feel,we are not being recognized for our work.

And appreciation for adults is a far more complex emotion that kids.

Yet,before we turn to others for appreciation and end ourselves up in this whirlpool of doing things and getting desperate for appreciation;we need to look inwards.

Are we actually giving ourselves the credit and the feedback that we should be?

When we ask someone for their opinion,we open ourselves to different perspectives.To be able to actually choose the one that resonates with our bent of mind,we need to know which side we are actually on!

I have been anti-cooking for as long as I can remember. My mother is an awesome cook and somehow,it's just an unsaid assumption that I will or should be as good as her.

Perhaps, due to this reason,I never liked entering the kitchen!I used to feel awkward when people asked me about my culinary skills.

But now,I realize that I used to feel awkward because I didn't really know if I liked cooking at all or not!how would I? I never tried!

And now that I have,I know what all I like to cook and how.My style is not like my mother's and it doesn't have to be!I learn from her and add my own twist to it!

As long as I keep trying to cook exactly like her,I will not be able to develop my own style.And same is the case with appreciation. 

If my mother is my bench mark,then obviously everyone will compare me to her!

That's why,I don't have a preset bench mark.I cook like how I want to which makes it easier for me to evaluate my own efforts and explain my goals to those around me.So the guidance and feedback that I receive, becomes much more acceptable.

The perennial mistake that we all make,is to do something and run for someone to tell us how it is.

Why not ask ourselves first?

How do we know what we receive is not fair if we are unable to decide for ourselves? And the minute we do,we also learn different ways of filtering unwanted information out.

To gain appreciation, we need to be appreciated by ourselves.Else, the world is nothing but a big ball of information hitting us all the time!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The joy of being broken

Meeting and getting to know people, is a very good thing.Not only because it expands your social circle,but it also expands your thinking prowess.It's an unconscious time travel taking you from who you were,who you are now and who you wish to be with the time to come.

Kaun kab aur kahan mil jaye,kya keh jaye,suna jaye...kya pata.

And even more powerful,is the impact that all that talking, listening and discussing makes.Sometimes,the best learning is the one which we never intended to do.The best realizations are the ones,we never intended to realize..

So just like all other random ramblings of mine,this one also, is a result of one such interaction that I had with a new found friend.While we were chit-chatting about the different kind of books that we both like to read; he sent me one picture that had a few lines written on it.

The one line that immediately got stuck in my head was -"I'm broken.Not out of order".

At that time, it was just a fancy line with a deep meaning, that I didn't understand completely. But now,sitting and watching the rain drops seep into different areas, switched my light bulb (read mind) on!

Am I broken? Yes.
How? In more than one more ways that I can ever realize.

And I'm glad that I am ...because I know, I have a long road ahead of me...a journey that I am going to enjoy...a journey of  building and rebuilding myself..

We all are broken in some ways or another. And we shall always be..because being broken means,that we have the option to rebuild.. Fill those little cracks in our mind, with whatever we want and continue molding

 ourselves differently.

So how do you define being broken?Well.. that's the best don't!

Because as time passes,you realize that there are certain cracks,crevices,bumpy spaces in your mind that you keep stumbling upon with time.

Whether you choose to fill them temporarily, permanently or leave them open for your choice.

Being broken doesn't mean you're weak.It simply means you have the chance to get hurt..take work preserve..

To just do whatever it takes for you to come a little closer to who you want to be and how you choose to be,at a point in time.

And yes,broken doesn't mean not functional or out of order.

It just means we are human at the end of the day...with our own little cracks..imperfections.. 

And that's the beauty of being.

That's the power of being broken...the power to rebuild.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Finding words

You don't look at me like you used to
You don't touch me like you used to..

Sometimes when you do,
I can feel those empty stares
Burning through me
As though you have a lot to say
But your words fail you..and me..

Sometimes your touch feels cold and aloof
You hold me like you know me
But have forgotten
And then you rummage through the likes of me,
Looking for proof.

It's been long since you held me softly and wrote words of love,laughter or sadness..
I know I'm just a paper
But I feel you, like no one else does
I feel your joy,confusion and sometimes.. the emptiness...

I know you miss me
As I miss your words on me

But I will wait,
Till the words come to you

The want to find....

Friday, 19 June 2015

Counselling : A taboo (that it isn't!)

One of my closest friends,has been avoiding me for quite a while. Not because we had a tiff.But,she has been very distressed lately.She went through a bad break-up and is finding it difficult to get back on track.To her, the world seems the worst place to be in right now.

But she isn’t talking to anyone.She has become very cranky and irritable. The days when she finds herself amidst broken sleep,she just takes some medicine and gets by the night.

Sadly,those nights are increasing.
Sometimes,she starts crying for no apparent reason.

And I am worried. I am worried for many more such people,who get bogged down by life and find it difficult to get back up.

Life is moving so fast that we don't even realize that we are getting caught up in a web.

A web consisting of demands, commitments, responsibilities; and a multitude of events that constitute our daily routine.

Without any conscious effort, we start hoarding of a lot of unwanted and unwelcome thoughts, emotions and actions. These in turn, give rise to many pertinent issues like stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and mood swings, aches and pains and many other health issues.

These days, health issues are almost becoming our second nature.
We all are aware of this fact.Yet, reluctant to change it.

And for some strange reason, we find it easier to take medicines than to actually make the effort of solving our problems.

Yes, times have changed and more and more we are realising the importance of this profession called ‘Counselling’. However,we all still operate under some fundamental misconceptions about it.

Here are some things about Counselling that we all must know.So that, if and when the need arises, we can make an informed choice of approaching a counselor and seeking help.

Mental health is as important as physical health for our well-being : When things don’t go our way, it’s very natural to go through a gamut of negative emotions.However,a healthy mental condition allows us to evaluate our situations and problems objectively and enables effective problem-solving and decision making. 

Sometimes, prolonged or severe acute stressors can create a whirlpool within us. 

Thus, giving rise to sleep difficulty, anxiety, excessive anger, irritation etc.

When we find ourselves unable to handle our daily functioning effectively, it is an indication that we need help. It is the same as going to a doctor when we experience some physical symptoms.

       Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be ‘mad’ to seek counselling or therapy : Counselors function much like doctors-they listen to your symptoms,diagnose what the problem and the source is.But instead of giving medicines,they help us to explore the issues from different perspectives,until we arrive at a feasible solution.

    You can be stressed or anxious over your job,family issues,relationship problems,emotional set backs etc. and you can still seek the help of a counselor,who is trained to help you cope better.

Counselling does not make you ‘weak’: Going to a Counselor,discussing your issues and inner most feelings does not certify one as ‘weak’!

If anything it does, is widen our thought process to include different understandings of a particular event. It enables us to vent out our emotions. 

This is can be termed as ‘emotional cleansing’ or ‘catharsis’ which makes us feel relaxed.

But,the most important thing it does, is to ‘empower’ us so that we can handle our thoughts, emotions and actions better.

 Talking to friends and family members is not a substitute to Counselling : Yes, we must share our thoughts and emotions with our loved ones. We all have that one person who is our best friend, our confidante.Yet,when going through a difficult phase(internally or externally),sometimes it’s not enough.

Simply,because when we talk to people close to us, we are listening to their opinions, ideas and judgments.

Sometimes, a situation demands much more than just an opinion. What works for one person, may not work for someone else.Situations and problems require an objective, unbiased view of what’s going on and the possible solutions available. 

Someone may be losing sleep over an irrational fear of something, while someone may be anxious about a future occurrence. A counselor is a trained professional, who helps you to objectively evaluate and solve an issue because the solution lies within us.

What if other people find out!: Well, Counselling is based on mutual trust and confidentiality. As an ethical practice, counsellors do not discuss client’s information with other people. It is only in special cases where there is a potential risk involved, that a Counselor will feel the need to inform other relevant people.

How can I talk to a stranger! : Wasn't your best friend initially a stranger? The fact is, that most of our relations outside of our families, started off with a level of unfamiliarity.

It is the unfamiliarity that creates space for objectivity and facilitates free-flow of thought. Doesn't it feel nice to just let your heart do the talking, without worrying about what the other person is thinking about us?

In times like now, don’t we just want to be heard and not talked to all the time? Having an hour or two, just to ourselves..Isn't that what we all want?

 Counselling is expensive! :  So are all the luxury items that we spoil ourselves with! It may seem like the counselor does nothing except listen to our rants.But that is his /her actual job! 

He/She listens so that he can get an in-depth understanding of what’s going on within us. A counselor invests a lot of time and energy on every individual client.

Thus,he/she charges the amount that he/she thinks is feasible.

Counselor only talks or listens and does nothing! :  The fact of the matter is,that Counselors and therapists invest a lot of time and money in getting trained.It's a profession that requires interaction! 
And not just that,it employs many kinds of therapies and techniques.It's all about finding yourself,placing the pieces of this puzzle called life- together!

And yes,he/she does listen!That's one of the ways to know what's going on inside us! And then,there are those times when always crib that 'we have no one who listens to us!

 Counselling is life-long : Well, if you end up establishing a good rapport, then why not! 

After all, we all have people whom we call our ‘guides’ or ‘mentors’ and they are there to guide us all along! 

But, Counseling involves a lot of time and effort from the Client and the Counselor. Depending on the nature of the issue and the need of the client, Counseling can be long term or short term.  

 Counselling does not provide you with tailor-made solutions or fixes!:  It is a guided self-exploration process. And we all know, how complicated our inner and outer lives are! 

Just like we can get stressed over many things; there are many solutions to problems.Sometimes, it takes a long time to find the solution.

Sometimes,it comes to us in a flash! The idea behind counselling is, to keep exploring, till we find the solution that fits best without losing our mind!

Counselling is magic!: Yes, it is! If, we have the will to work for our own betterment. Just by sitting in a Counselling session, our problems won’t vanish. It requires focus and commitment to our own self. Only then will the sessions be effective.Counselors, therapists can only guide us to a better life. They cannot live our lives for us.

The big question then is,when to approach a Counselor?

The harsh reality is,that stress,anxiety,worry etc have all become intricately tied to our lives.
 We do manage to lead our versions of a normal life.

However,when these issues begin to interfere in our daily functioning(unable to sleep well,anger,aggression,feeling low etc);when we are no longer able to cope with life's challenges and demands and need a reorientation; that's when we should seek help.

And yes,Counselor and Psychiatrist is not the same! A Psychiatrist is a doctor.He gives medicines. A counselor is a different person and approach altogether.

A little patient and lengthy process in comparison.But,with long-term benefits!

At the end of the day,Counseling,Therapy etc are professions-like all others!It is not a taboo.Rather,it's a resource that we can use to improve and empower our lives!

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